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Organise, download and play mods for Doki Doki Literature Club!


Doki Doki Mod Manager is free to download and always will be.

It has come to my attention that some antivirus software may be blocking DDMM from accessing files, leading to errors or crashes. Please add DDMM as a trusted application to avoid this happening, or disable your antivirus software.


Since it was released, hundreds of mods for Doki Doki Literature Club have been released, adding hours of extra gameplay. Doki Doki Mod Manager simplifies the process of installing and managing multiple copies of the game.

Since release, Doki Doki Mod Manager has been downloaded many times, and adopted by the developers of several popular mods, including Monika After Story.

Doki Doki Mod Manager has a rich set of features designed to make the modding experience as easy as possible for both developers and players, with many more features on the horizon.


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